8 Tricks & Tips to Get You a Good Night Rest on a Plane

Sleeping on a flight is usually a distant dream. But not anymore! Try these 8 sure shot tricks and we promise you a relaxed sleep.

Good Night Rest on a Plane

Get the right seat: Book a window seat, which gives you some control over the window shade. Being in the window seat lets you lean against the wall when trying to rest. The downside of sitting in the window seat is that it's much harder to get to the aisle if you need to use the facilities.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Coffee or alcohol makes falling asleep much harder with the caffeine running through your body. Caffeine makes us jittery, and alcohol makes us sleep less deeply. Be aware that studies show the effect of alcohol on a plane is double that of drinking on the ground.

Cut down carry-on’s: Stick to carry a carry-on bag instead of two, by carrying two bags you may enhance the chances of having one under your feet. Always keep the necessities near the top of the bag, so that you can take out the necessary things before you pack them in the overhead compartment.

Avoid the last row:  If you need a good sleep on an airplane, you should avoid the last row at any cost as it’s located near the wash rooms. So, it’s better to avoid this place as it creates a lot of noise and also have an unpleasant smell. Apart from the last row, sitting near the back or front can be favorable due to the fact that there a lot of more seats free. However, usually it’s noisier in that area also.

Pillows and Blankets:  Arrive early to make sure if you have a set of blanket and pillow. You can request the flight attendant, if there is none or if you require an additional set. Furthermore, bring your own neck pillow or latex pillow for extra comfort. Also make sure to turn your neck pillow throughout if you tend to nod forward while sleeping. Don’t get a stiff neck while you sleep on a plane.

Free your feet: Put on shoes that you can easily slip on and off. However, going barefoot on the flight can make them swell up and not to mention the odor issues. Wear clean socks to avoid these problems. Few international airlines even offer socks to the passengers to keep them warm and stimulate circulation flowing.

Get an eye mask: You could take an eye mask from house to sleep on a flight. Some airlines provide eye masks, but take one with you to be sure. With the help of mask, you can also avoid all the lights that can disturb you from falling asleep and avoid talkative neighbours.

Wake up before landing: Set your alarm 30 or 45 minutes before landing to fully wake up. You will have some time to go to the toilet, gather your items or drink a cup of coffee.

Well, sleep on a plane was never so comfortable. So, before you head out for your next flight, take a few minutes to prepare with some of these tips. You'll have a lot better chances to sleep peacefully.

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