Flying with kids? Must read travel tips

Traveling, Journey, Holiday – All these words bring a level of excitement in kids. With summer holidays coming up, kids are excited about their trip. However parents are often anxious on the trip itinerary and how to give the kid a memorable holiday and also enjoy with them without any hiccups.

Flying with kids

Holidays in Dubai, a Trip to Kuwait, or a Tour to any of Middle East countries can bring a smile on the kids face and also travel by plane can excite your child. But, as a parent if you are worried about travel plan, what to, and how to do; then spend few minutes reading the below instructions:

Top 5 Things to do when you Travel with Kids in Airlines

  1. Book your flight ticket in advance considering your kids sleeping time and other factors that would put your kid into unease. Check for advance ticket booking in airlines which have special services for kids and children like the Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Etihad, etc.
  2. Dress up your kids and children in light wear and dress them according to the destination place. This will make the kids more excited and also would save time for you when you arrive.
  3. Keep regular medicines handy and make them a must in your hand baggage.
  4. Keep them busy in flight with the games, music, or movies. Most of the airlines have a wide range of entertainment systems and books for keeping your child engaged.
  5. Last but not the least, do online check-in for your flight to ensure that you get the most comfortable seats.

Most of the airlines offer a variety of special services for families who are travelling with kids. The above list would help you prepare better for your trip and start a relaxing summer holiday cum family vacation. Give your child an experience to remember and share with his or her friends.

Do let us know have you traveled recently with your kid? Feel free to share with us what is your best and worst experience as air traveler with a kids.

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