Experience Adventurous Activities in Dubai

When was the last time you tried an adventure activity? Break out of your comfort zone and have the time of your life with these adventure activities in Dubai.

Include the below activities in your trip to Dubai and never have a dull moment again

  • Skydiving
  • iFLY Dubai 
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Desert Safari

The ultimate thrill of Skydiving

skydiving Dubai

Rejoice your triumph on fear with a skydiving experience in Dubai. In addition, you will get marvelous glimpse of the city from breathtaking heights. Skydive provides super-extra thrill to the adventurer lovers.

Challenge gravity at iFLY Dubai


If you are not brave enough to skydive from the skyscrapers and not excited on the outdoor skydiving, but desire to feel the exact thrilling experience of a free fall in the air, then iFLY Dubai is the place to be. iFLY Dubai is another feather in Dubai's innovative marvels, which gives you indoor skydiving experience. What you need is, simply suit up and enter a vertical glass wind tunnel that blows you up and down into the tunnel and gives you a freefalling skydiving like experience. But, an icy chill runs through your body for sure!

Enjoy the desert morning soaring in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

It is absolutely the best possible way to see the rising sun over the beautiful desert through a hot air balloon ride. You can experience the pleasant and calm desert atmosphere, far away from the hustles and bustles of city life. Get enticed with the mesmerizing mirage of hues in gold colored sand over the charming desert in a hot air balloon. A ride in a gigantic balloon in a tranquil desert is an unforgettable experience and your Dubai tour is incomplete until you take this ride.

Relish the fun at Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

If you are looking for memorable adventure on your trip to Dubai, then you must go on a desert safari, which offers an outstanding and exciting experience to its visitors. Enjoy the fun of driving over large sand dunes on some of the best off-road vehicles and if you want, you could take a camel trip. A holiday in Dubai is never complete without the world famous desert safaris.

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Whether you are craving to get an adventure sports on air, water or on the ground, Dubai - the city of surprises, has all the thrilling elements needed for a holiday driven by excitement. So next time when you are looking for an adventure, Dubai is certainly the place to be!

Happy Holidaying! Set the Pulses Racing in Dubai!

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