Traveling Alone? How to Find a Local Guide

Why to choose local guide for the solo traveler?

As a solo traveler, it is recommended to have a local guide to take you around. I'm actually a fan of checking over the things on my own way, but in case of visiting for few days it’s a good formula to have a local guide. Of course being a solo traveler we can go around the corner of the city/country and hire a genuine private tour guide. Visiting the country along with the local guide can help the traveler by having a companion for a few hours or throughout the trip.


My experience with tourist guide

For some countries it is highly recommended to hire the tourist guide. Once I tripped to the country Egypt where hiring the guide is necessary. My tourist guide has explained about the ancient history of the country, great stone architectures and suggested the famous delicious food   that everyone should eat who visits the country and suggested the places where we can relish like a friend. He gave such a keen and deliberate explanation for all the places which has been reached my expectations.

How a local tourist guide should be?

Sometimes local guides are seems to be perfect stranger, who is robotically explaining bunch of boring facts on things about which traveler didn't even care. Local guides can be booked through famous hotels for fee. But it won’t be suitable for the budget travelers. We have to select a travel guide in such a way that they are something special about people who show their city keenly, not because just they are being paid but just because they love it.

I always like to associate with local people to talk about their viewpoints, opinions, customs and culture, and to experience the local.  I usually opt for local private guide who is knowledgeable, easygoing and likeable so that solo travelers can avoid the loneliness. Guides must be able to avoid the language barrier. Be it a historic destination or adventurous trip or a nature trip I often to choose the local guide, who is really cooperative with my timings, should be knowledgeable in my fields of interest and should be able to give deliberative explanation.

Solo travelers like me, always want to grab the happiness of working with a personal tour guide. Business travelers will hire a local guide is an extremely smart and convenient way.

We may not know more about the guide beyond his first name. So, by sharing my travel interests and wishes with him I can justify that he is right person to guide me or not. He should respect the local culture and local people. Local tour guide must be able to suggest the local food because I am very much interested to taste the delicious and famous food habits. Also he should be a good task manager that helps you a lot as solo traveler.

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