Planning A Solo Travel? Must Read Travel Tips

Being alone on the road gives you a great opportunity to acquire valuable experience about various places, people, food and country’s customs and traditions. I am sure that you’ll start valuing the things you might have never noticed. I want to share my solo travelling experiences and tips with you, which help you a lot in making your journey a piece of cake. Whether you are going for a holiday or a short break, essential things are, booking flight tickets with Rehlat, hotel for staying and planning itinerary.

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Make a list of things which you need

Good quality of solo traveler is to list out all the things which you want to use during the travel. I trust that if anyone practices this as habit for every journey I am sure that they won’t face the troubles in the journey.

Wake up early

Wake up early to explore the exotic sunrise to relish the most effective attractions which you shouldn’t be missed. It is a great time to click magical photos and easy to interact with the local people.

Keep your valuables safe

Some people didn’t bother about their things, which may be getting stolen. While sleeping in a train, bus, crowded places or any other public places always keep your valuables with you. It would be a best option for us to keep in a money-belt. Always it is better to keep money in two places why because unfortunately if we lost our backpack then in the other place you can utilize the money which you kept in the other place.

Don’t forget an extra camera battery

Have you ever gotten to that situation birds flying in sunrise photo spot? If your camera battery is dead and you may not be able to capture that wonderful moment into your camera. That’s why I always try to bring at least two or three camera batteries on all of my trips so that I don’t left out to capture mesmerizing sightseeing’s and iconic structures.

Always travel with the scarf everywhere

Scarf is one of my favourite and most used accessories with many different practical applications. It is an incredible multi-use travel tool i.e., it is great for protective covering, a makeshift towel, carrying stuff around, mask, protecting from sun and pollution and much more. It also can be used as emergency bandage.

Eat like a local

You shouldn’t miss to taste local and international cuisines within the city, where you can choose the food in many hotels and restaurants. I also look for suggestions from local people to taste mouth-watering local food and it saves me the money too.

Protect your skin

Stuck without a shower bath? Biodegradable wipes keeps you clean and sensing great with tea tree oil, peppermint, and ginseng. Prefer to use all natural hydrating lotion that protects your skin. They make the better souvenirs!

Travel with first aid kit

I always carry small-scale first aid kit containing medicine like aspirin, cough drops, bandages and Activated Charcoal pills. The charcoal absorbs the bacteria in your body so you can get rid of it.

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