Visiting Istanbul? Guide for tourist places to visit

Istanbul is one of my favorite holiday destinations to explore my vacation with my family this summer. It was my first trip to Turkish cultural capital Istanbul, which located in the edge of the beautiful Europe. Istanbul is one of the leading holiday destination in the world, welcomes more than 12 million travelers every year to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey.

Things to do in Istanbul

Here is a full list of the top things to see and do in Istanbul

Go on a Bosphorus Boat tour: we really enjoyed every moment of a Bosphorus Boat tour, which starts from a majestic strait that runs through the Turkish capital, which connects the two continents Asia and Europe. You shouldn't miss see the dazzling views of sightseeing lining the Bosphorus, wooded shores, mosques and many more.

It was an amazing experience for me to know the rich history, culture and tradition of Istanbul. Many private companies approach you on the street about Bosphorus cruise but do not accept any offers, which cost more on travelers. I recommend everyone to take a short cruise that is worth your time.

Must Visit Hagia Sophia

I heard a lot about this place before visiting. It is considered as one of the major historical monument in the country, which attracts everyone for its beauty, design and marvelous engineering, which it was built in 537 AD on the site of Byzantium's acropolis by Emperor Justinian (527-65 AD). The historical monument is well designed with flat dome and architects still wonder at the building's many innovations.

Blue Mosque

It was great experiences for me to visit Blue Mosque for the first time, where we have spend much time seeing titles surrounding the walls of its interior. But, we need to follow some rules and regulations when you visit the mosque. Meanwhile, scarves and skirts are offered by mosque officials, if you don’t have. It is must visit place to see in Istanbul.

Delicious Turkish delight

we were excited to taste extensive range of mouth-watering sweets, local made dishes and many more. I asked for free samples to taste the Turkish delight. I feel in love with Turkish made ice cream, made with mild sugar, salep flour and mastic gum. You shouldn't miss to taste this sweet dessert, when you visit Istanbul. Turkish cuisine is considered as one of the best typical flavors’, offer varieties of traditional dishes inlcudes  Kofte, Mantı, Kuzu Tandır, Borek, Baklava, Sis Kebap and many more.

Shop at Grand Bazaar

I had planned everything for my shopping list includes jeweler, handicrafts, carpets, embroidery, clothing and many more. It was my first time ever to see that much largest covered markets with spanning more than 500 shops and 60 markets. It will attract in between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors every day.

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