Best Weekend Ideas in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its clean canals and cultural delights. Dutch is the local language in the city but many people speak English as it is the major tourist spot for many people around the world. City centre can be easily accessible for the tourists who are reaching the city through flights.

People admire the city of Amsterdam as a best place for a weekend breaks, so what can be done here?

Here is the list of things that can be done in Amsterdam to grab most out of a tour in the city.

Hop on a bike to circle the city

Hop on a bike to circle the city

Exploring the city by pedaling around brings an amazing feel in the early morning. Cycling is a culture in the city. When you go out in any centre of the city, you find cyclers all around the historic centers fighting for space to take over each other. Bike will be available for rent at all places. You can grab a bike ride along the busy streets of the city. Meanwhile you can also explore the nearby attractions while riding.

Walk along the floating flower market

Take a wake along the beautiful flower market, it is the only floating flower market in the world. This market is located Singel canal. In the olden days merchants sail to this area and used to sell the beautiful flowers. Now it has become the most famous place in Europe and flowers will be available all year long. Tulips will be available in season and bulbs will be available all year-round.

Shop at Cuyp Market

Cuyp Market is the largest street market in Netherlands where items can be bought in very cheap fares. This market is located in the southern side of the city. Traditional Dutch refreshments can be shopped from here. There are more than 300 stalls that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, clothes and cosmetics.

Taste Dutch Cheese

Taste Dutch Cheese

Netherlands is often ranked among the top exporters of cheese. Dutch people always passionate about good and tasty cheese, here they produce fresh cheese that can be used on sandwiches at breakfast. Though there are many brands, Gouda is the most popular cheese brand in the country.

Visit Historical Anne Frank’s House

A place full of history and emotions, Anne Frank’s house is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Observe the history and life of Anne Frank at the time of World War II, which is described through the exhibits in the museum. The original diary of Anne Frank can also be seen on the display in the museum.

Visit Museum Square

Amsterdam is always remembered as the city of museums. Many of the museums in the city can be found in the Museum Square. Circle around all the museums to notify the history of Dutch era.

Sip a cold beer in Amsterdam

Sip a cold beer in Amsterdam

City became more sparkling after sunset with live bars and events along the narrow streets. Amsterdam craft beers tours are also available for people who love to have a brew of several craft outfits.

Taste Dutch Pastry

There are many foods and cuisines in Amsterdam that should be tried atleast once. You can stop at any Dutch pastry shop and taste the delicious pastries.

There are many other activities that can be adopted to make most out of a small tour in Amsterdam such as tasting Amsterdam Coffee, tour around Amsterdam outskirts, shopping in vintage shops, boat ride on Spui river and other.

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