Dubai Shopping Festival: Joy and Music Fund

Like a shadow chasing the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai and tossing his masterpieces in the streets and across regions, even in the new cities with wet cement. This festival news as already reached around the world through the media and news papers. The city of Dubai has become an oasis for shopping, events and music. BoxPark, which was built just before months, have become hub for the music lovers.

Dubai Shopping Festival

What sprang from simple concept have now opened up endless opportunities for a group of local start-up entrepreneurs showcasing their fashionable collections and creative talents at Market Outside The Box (OTB) in Burj Park, Downtown Dubai.

In stalls set up just across the dancing fountains, beneath Dubai’s tallest tower and buzzing with music and entertainment for visitors of all ages, ambitious designers are attracting DSF shoppers to their unique trendy concepts. The third edition of OTB, which runs until January 30, is one of the major magnets in the Dubai Shopping Festival this year.

From colorful, macaroon-inspired products appealing to even the little ones to artistic illustrations specifically designed for classic streetwear, the novel enterprise has become a meeting point for a cross-segment of festival shoppers. The OTB is proving to be a great showcase for home-grown talent to promote their emerging brands.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Merchandise up for grabs from over 80 local and regional retailers this year, that is not found in conventional retail venues, include hand-made jewellery, fashion for men, women, kids, and even pets, vintage accessories and home furniture with a twist. As a backdrop to this array of creativity is an entertainment stage that brings new and international bands to entertain the crowds.

Shoppers navigate their way around the stalls, some accompanied by their pets, kids play on their scooters while others try out nibbles at the colourful food trucks. Some decide to settle on bean bags and just enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Live music and joy everywhere

BoxPark or Joy City, accommodating a group of amateur and professional music lovers and creative teams of new art forms who are banging the instruments with amazing music. People holding coffee cups in the hands are sitting and stop passers-by to enjoy the art of the new impressive music and artists. This celebration of music is inspired by the modern urban music and life. We can see band Spanish, exotic musical instruments from recycled dishes and spoons, drums, hoses and the remnants of children's toys, to ring the loveliest melodies.

Over the month, technical teams in various arts will be roaming around the city to develop the joy atmosphere. BoxPark acquires innovative offerings on the conscience of residents and visitors to Dubai.

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