Kuwait: An oasis in the desert

Located on the Northeast Arabian peninsula, Kuwait is one of the largest oil producers in the Middle East. This city-state is comprised of a long stretch of coast which attracts many tourists every year. Kuwait City has typical rich culture noted for its historical structures and recreational facilities. Because of its long and beautiful coastline, Kuwait named as an oasis in the desert.


Kuwait city has many tourist places, adventurous activities and things to do for its guests. The city hosts many historical structures and monuments, ancient mosques, amazing beaches and sparking nightlife.

Kuwait City is one of the top tourist visited cities in the Middle East. There are other destinations in Middle East such as Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, Luxor and others. Plan your trip to Kuwait and book cheap flights to Kuwait, budget hotels for best accommodation.

Things to do in Kuwait 

Capture amazing view of the city from the top of the Kuwait Towers. This Iconic structure of the modern Kuwait is located in downtown Kuwait city and symbolizes the traditional Islamic design and modern architecture. The towers houses observation deck, café and a gift shop. Head to Entertainment City, which is a combination of three theme parks. The park offers complete range of entertainment activities for families and children.

Kuwait Towers

Go for a shopping in the Avenues Mall, as it is the biggest and famous mall in the city. The mall is located in the area of Al-Rai industrial district in Kuwait. This mall was built using the environment friendly techniques to maximize the usage of natural light and substantial energy. The Avenues host most popular retail brands and restaurants all from over the world.

While in trip to Kuwait, explore the most exciting marine life in the Aquarium and Scientific Center. In this center, desert species & animals and marine life such as reef sharks and rays can be seen. Panoramic views of the city can be seen from the top of the Liberation Tower. Notify the old sailing ships and dhows that were used for trading in coastal Kuwait in Dhow Harbour. Visitors may get a chance to board the last surviving wooden dhow named, Fateh El-Kheir.

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A day trip to Failaka Island would be a great to observe the ancient history and modernity of Kuwait. This island is the most visited tourist destination in the city. Visit Grand Mosque, an official and biggest mosque in Kuwait City. As the name suggests, this mosque is the place official religious celebrations and activities. Diving, snorkeling and kayaking activities allowed on various public beaches. There are other places to see in Kuwait such as fish market, Green Island, Doha village and swimming pool complexes.

Nightlife in Kuwait includes shopping & dining, and one of the best ways to enjoy the night may be to take a stroll along the moonlit seashore. Alcohol will not be sold in the city due to religious beliefs. A typical Kuwaity nightlife can be enjoyed with royal smoking experience using water pipe or shisha. Car racing, dancing, events etc are the daily activities in the city.

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